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AFCON 2021: “We Will Capitalize On Lions’ Weaknesses To Win”-Pedro Brito

By Etienne Mainimo

Cape Verde Cameroon is the last group A game to be played at the Olembe Stadium on January 17, 2022. Cape Verde deptuty coach Leitao Pedro Brito is upbeat they would capitalize on the few faults of Lions to win the game and qualify for the next stage.

“We are an organise compact team and ready for the game. We should equally display a good altitude in the pitch to be able to make a difference when the need arises. It is true that the weaknesses of our opponent are not many but we capitalized on them and do all to win the game.”, the coach stated.

We are going to play each game as they come but what is important is that we have to be consistent and offensive given that Cameroon has players that can make a difference. We should either grab a victory or a draw., he added.

Cape Verde would be meeting Cameroon without a player who tested positive for Covid-19.

Right from their preparatory matches right up to this moment, Cape Verde has bee training with less than 15 players, Brito said.

“Since we came here, we don’t have the opportunity to do our job well. We play under difficult moments due to covid and also had difficulties to deploy our strategy.”

Like Cameroon, Cape Verde came to the competition without friendly matches and the ones we programmed didn’t take place and that was going to boast our preparations, Brito concluded.

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