AWCON2022: Final Squad List For Morocco Without Best Championship Goalkeeper

By By Brian Mboh

The Indomitable Lionesses of Cameroon’s head coach Gabriel Zabo Toze has officially made public the final list of 26 players expected to part-take in the 14th edition of the Women’s African Cup of Nations, slated for July 2-23rd in Morocco without the best goalkeeper of the local league, Marthe Ogmahan.

There is also a conspicuous absence of players from the English speaking regions of Cameroon such as Wanki Rita, Mpeh Bissong, Tantoh Melvis, Brenda Tabe, Bongben Confidence. However many argue that players from these regions lack the quality and do not play in any of the best championships out of the country.

The list comes up after the lionesses double header friendly encounters against their Senegalese counter parts. In the away-leg Nchout Njoya and mates had picked a 2-2 draw in Douala at the Bepanda Reunification Stadium on June 15. Meanwhile, on June 18, AS AWA ‘s Kevin Ossol scored the victory goal for the lionesses as the game ended on a one goal to zero score. The goal earned Kevin Ossol a place in the final list.

Absent from the just published list is Raissa Feudjio, bearer of an injury sustained during one of the lionesses training sessions. The second best scorer of the championship, Lamine Mana is also absent from the list.

Nchout Njoya Ajara and mates will be leaving the Douala International Airport this Monday for France, where they shall take on the French Women’s national selection in another friendly on June 25.

To join the team in France are Estelle Johnson, Gabrielle Aboudi Onguene, Michaela Ambam, Ndzana Collete, Ewodo Ekodo and Voulania Dabda .

The lionesses are lodged in pool B alongside Zambia, Togo and Tunisia. And will be facing their Zambian counters at the Mohamed V Stadium, in their first game.

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