Coach Gabriel Zabo

AWCON2022 Qualifiers: “Better Days Ahead” Gabriel Zabo

By Mbenowoh Brian

Better days lies ahead and more surprises are underway was the articulations from head coach Gabriel Zabo after the out class soccer lesson the Lionesses taught the Queen Scorpions of Gambia.

The lionesses’ tactician spoke with much glee and pride following the 8 nil win after the encounter marked by much spectacle and sensation.

“My feelings after playing a game of such magnitude is satisfactory given that we played well and had to score more goals as required at home. Mindful of the fact that my players will not be able to storm nine goals in the return-leg game in Banjul, Gambia “.

” The combination we had laid emphasis on was really a productive one, as portrayed on several angles. Also, we were chanced to have some of our foreign players coming from abroad on time for us to play together and work on an ideal game cohesion “.

” The difference between our game against the Central Africa Republic and Gambia could be assessed in the sense that it was more tougher for us to face the Central African Republic in Douala “.

Cameroon has made a strong statement in Women’s Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers with a thumbing 8-0 first leg win over The Gambia in Yaoundé.

“However, our return-leg game against the Central African Republic as per my observation was satisfactory. Watching the girls play as a team, you could perceive a strong nucleus underway “.

” Talking of my game tactics against the Queen Scorpions of the Gambia, l must admit the fact that it was really laborious in the sense that we had doubled our training sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so as to build a strong team that could be able to play together and adhere to the game plan”.

Flore kameni and substitute Ngo Mbeleck each scored twice while goals from Nchout Njoya Ajara and Bella Rose, Falone Meffoumetou, and Tatiana Ewodo sealed the win for the 2016 African vice champions.

” l want to express my heartfelt gratitude to these players for the awesome performance exhibited against the Gambia.Both the old and new players had the same spirit of collaboration gearing towards the same objective”.

“From the onset our game plan was based on a 4-4-2 defensive play style. But, later on mutated for a 4-2-4 offensive tactic aimed at netting two or more goals before the first 15minutes of the game.”

“Also, focus was based on intensifying our attacking line. That is why you could find the two girls at the midfield carrying the ball upward. So conserving the ball and depriving the opponents from having a ball touch was a major preoccupation for us”.

The Lionesses dominated the entire match with Flora Kameni opening scores just two minutes into the first half. The Louves Minproff star then capped off a sensational first half with a brace at the half hour mark.

” Winning the game in a grand style was our ambition, 8 goals to nil is a good results but we need not rely on the victory. So as to forget that the return-leg game, an important encounter to give us a qualification ticket “.

“By God’s grace l hope of sitting in an AFCON as head coach of the lionesses, a dream that has been nurtured for a long while.”

” Like l tell my players quite often, you have to dream big. And dreaming entails having specific objectives. Many of you from the press had criticized my performance in the Aicha Buhari tournament, with out knowing l was nursing a seed, that was going to do well sooner.”

Nchout Ajara, the biggest problem to the Gambian almost doubled the lead but her effort came off the post.

“An had castigated me for not calling this or that player. But like l said , a team is not built in one day. My dream has always been to build a solid team that will be able to win an AFCON”.

” Pardon me for not calling this or that player, the national team’s doors are open for all no matter the ages. And l am ready to work with players willing to deliver the results.”

The win gives the Lionesses an advantage ahead of the return leg on February 23. 

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