B. Maryline volunteer’s menstrual hygiene lessons to young girls in the armed conflict zone

Bandin Maryline Kernyuy, a young volunteer at 25 has given some lessons on menstrual hygiene to some 42 young girls attaining puberty. This took place on May 28, 2021 at the Parish campus in Meluf, a locality in Bui Division of the Northern zone of the English-speaking territory in Cameroon.

It is worth noting that Meluf is among the areas affected by the armed conflicts which have caused hardship and sufferings to the people since 2017 in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon otherwise known as Southern Cameroons.

  According to the young volunteer, there is a need for girls in conflict zones who are deprived from education, to acquire some knowledge on menstrual hygiene. This and her passion in responding to the needs of young girls was her motivation to build courage to organise such a programme in Meluf.

The choice of the date selected as she told us coincides with the World Menstrual Hygiene Day Celebrated globally every May 28.

“I organised it with the permission of the Head Mistress of C.S Meluf. My main target were the young girls from 12yrs upward. To educate them on how to take care of their bodies especially during menstruation. It was to make them understand how to use sanitary towel, tampon, menstrual cups and reusable pad. Also, I helped them to understand how to dispose of these materials properly after use. And how to study their menstrual Cycle” said Bandin Maryline Kernyuy.

Talking of the essence of such an activity, Maryline said lack of proper knowledge on menstrual hygiene could expose young girls to infections in their reproductive organs.

  However, the young volunteer distributed sanitary pads to some 31participants who were lucky to receive from her gesture. As she said, she would have wished for all the 42participants to receive the pads but insufficiency in her resources could not permit her to give all. Bandin Maryline expressed her satisfaction and joy in putting a smile in the faces of young girls in a war zone who are often not able to access basic needs and wish for people to consider supporting girls in conflict zones.

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