Best ANAFOOT Trainees Bag Home Scholarship Awards

By Etienne Mainimo

Over 100 male and female trainees of the National Football Academy, ANAFOOT, have been awarded scholarships. The scholarships were awarded to the beneficiaries on September 30th at the Bamendzi Stadium in Bafoussam. The scholarships were awarded during ANAFOOT’s official back-to-school launching ceremony with support from Orange Cameroun.

Chaired by Carl Enow Ngachu, Director General of the Academy, the solemn ceremony also marked the resumption of ANAFOOT activities. More than 2000 boys and girls attended the ceremony, which simultaneously kicked off in the nine other regional centers of the academy.

According to ANAFOOT officials, the scholarships were awarded to the best female and male learners who excelled academically and athletically during the past academic year.

Speaking during the event, Enow Ngachu expressed gratitude to Orange Cameroon and other collaborators for their contributions to the development of Cameroonian and youth football in ANAFOOT.

He emphasized the event’s significance, stating, “…Today, we mark the start of an exciting sporting adventure, filled with challenges, competitions, and camaraderie. This is an opportunity to come together as a sporting community and create unforgettable moments together.”

Enow Ngachu added, “Football is more than just a physical activity. It is a way to push our limits, unite, and create lasting memories. Whether you are players, educators, members of the technical staff, or passionate parents, we are all connected by our love for football and our desire to give our best.”

Enow Ngachu outlined ambitious goals for this season, expressing ANAFOOT’s aspiration to place more young trainees in clubs and national teams, improve individual and collective performances, and maintain a strong team spirit.

He acknowledged that achieving these goals would require hard work, discipline, and dedication, but expressed confidence in the potential of the ANAFOOT community to achieve great things together.

Besides, Enow Ngachu stressed the need to uphold the essential values of sport, particularly football, which include fair play, respect for opponents, integrity, and sportsmanship.

He emphasized that these values are fundamental pillars of their community and should be applied both on and off the field. Enow Ngachu urged everyone to behave with dignity and respect, serving as ambassadors of the spirit of sportsmanship, whether in victory or defeat.

Last year, the launching ceremony took place in the East Region. However, over 35 children from ANAFOOT will be playing in different clubs in the Elite champions in Cameroon. More than 200 will be playing in the regional league.

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