Cameroon Baka Communities Granted More Access Into Protected Areas

Jules Doret Ndongo, Cameroon Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, and Joseph Johnson, representing the Association of Baka Communities, renewed a Memorandum of Understanding that opens access to more protected areas. With dwindling natural resources, protected areas of intact forests now provide a fresh source of natural resources for the Baka communities in Southeast Cameroon.

The first MoU signed in 2019, which expired in 2022, opened the doors of Lobeke Lobeke, Boumba Bek, and Nki to Baka communities. Signed on September 19, 2023, the renewed MoU grants access to the Ngoila Reserve. Baka people from 88 communities can now smile all the way in and out of the protected areas to hunt and access non-forest timber products such as herbs and Njansang.

The MoU was renewed thanks to the technical and financial assistance of the World Wide Fund for Nature.

What will change with the renewed MoU? A Baka woman explains.

Prisca, a Baka woman, says the forest is everything to them

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