Vaccination in Yaounde

Cameroon Covid-19 Vaccination: Key Facts

Only 48,999 out of a total of 316 445 vaccinated people in Cameroon have taken their second dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

Cameroon organized national Covid-19 vaccination days from July 7-11 to scale up vaccination following hesitancy observed.

According to the Enlarged Programme of Immunization as of July 10, 2021, while data from approximately 40% of Health Districts was still pending.

Partial data on the intensification of vaccination against Covid 19 showed 106,044 vaccinated, i.e. 9,763 for the first dose and 8,381 for the second.

Vaccination continued in the 10 regions of the country where Astra Zeneca and Sinopharm vaccines were administered in order to protect the population from COVID19.

Following the report from PEV on July 19, after the vaccination days still with data awaited, 316445 people have been vaccinated against Covid19 in Cameroon since April 2021, including 267446 for the first dose and 48999 for the second.

Key Facts:

-Only 48,999 persons have gone for the second dose

-Cameroon is now running short of vaccines, after receiving a total of 591, 200

-5,3 million does of Johnson & Johnson requested for not yet supplied

-Cameroon still at 2 percent vaccination

Taking only one dose is as good as not being vaccinated according to virologist, Prof. Wilfred Mbacham.

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