Optic Fiber links Cameroon and Gabon

Cameroon – Gabon Interconnection: 96-strand G652 Type Optical Fiber Now Links The Countries

The interconnection is expected to reduce the digital divide, communication costs in the sub region and ensure security in communication

By Etienne Mainimo in Gabon

The Cameroon government, through its telecommunications company, Cameroon Telecommunication, CAMTEL, has inaugurated the interconnection line between with Gabon.

The 96-strand G652 type optical fiber laid underground goes from the city of Bitam in Gabon to the city of kye-Ossi in Cameroon.

The line covers a total distance of 22 km making it possible to connect the telecommunication transport networks (Backbone) of the two countries.

The interconnection is expected to reduce the digital divide as well as reduce communication costs in the sub region. In addition, it is going to ensure security in communication.

Approximately 100 terabytes/second is to be offered as well as eLearning and other advantages.

Launch ceremony of Optic Fibre connectivity between Cameroon and Gabon

The launching ceremony took place in Bitam, Gabon on July 14 to 17. The ceremony was chaired by the Minister of State, Minister of Telecommunications and the Economy of Gabon accompanied by the Cameroon Minister of Telecommunications as well as the Equatorial Telecommunications.

Cameroon’s Ambassador to Gabon as well as Gabon’s Ambassador to Cameroon alongside other dignitaries from the three countries took part in the ceremony.

The Optic Fibre connection would be linked to equatorial Guinea in the days ahead.

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