Cameroon-Nigeria Golf Tournament: Friendship Triumphs

The Cameroon-Nigeria Friendship Golf Tournament lived up to its bidding, as friendship triumphed. Diane Momsa from Nigeria loved every bit of the game, won two, and lost one, but the best thing that happened to her was Mama Alisa, the host who was like a mother.

“I am inviting her to the Women’s Golf Open in Nigeria in February 2024”, Momsa extended her invitation.

Diane Momsa from Nigeria is in green and Alisa in Red.

Meanwhile, the tournament ended in parity, with 22 points on each side:

Day1 CMR 8 NIG 6
Day 2 CMR 5 NIG 8
Day3 CMR 9 NIG 8

The tournament ended with the award of trophies, winning, dining, and exchanging pleasantries, a show of friendship.

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