Samuel Eto'o Fils

Eto’o Fils, Incoming Fecafoot President Invites Opponents To Join Him

By Brian Mboh

Samuel Eto’o Fils, Football Legend, Former Cameroon captain, four time African Player of the year, has been elected as the 17th president of the Cameroon Football Federation, after an interesting politicking and electioneering.

He defeated out going Seidou Mbombo Njoya by 43 to 31 votes following coalitions that reduced the list of seven candidates to two.

In his first speech as president, Samuel Eto’o Fils said, “Thanks for making me the 17th president of Fecafoot, I measure the honour and the task ahead. By this vote, delegates have given a chance to accord Cameroon football greatness. To those who gave me their vote, I vow to keep my promise, so that the Cameroon flag can fly high in international competitions. I respect the delegates who did not vote for me and extend a hand of fellowship to integrate our project. I have taken the engagement to assemble the football family. You know me I always keep my promise. Seidou Mbombo Njoya, you gave your best, I hail your commitment and love for our sport. I thanked the authorities for the care facilitation during campaigns and election. To football lovers, this December 11 is a great day for Cameroon football, we are opening a new page on our sports history”.

Meanwhile, the newly elected Fecafoot boss, Samuel Eto’o after a long Fecafoot General Assembly that started Saturday 11, rounded in the wee hours of Sunday 12 morning by 3:00am with the presentation of the new executive bureau to handle the new activities of the 1959 created FA.

The newly elected Fecafoot executive bureau and members is constituted of the following football actors ;

President : Samuel Eto’o, 1st Vice présidente:Céline Eko; 2nd Vice President Boubakari Bello; 3rd Vice President,Arthur Djampir; 4th Vice-President,Junior Njalla Quan.

The other executive Bureau members are; Abbo Mohamadou, Soleil Roger Nyassa Nyassa, Yoki Onana, Guibaï Gatama, Stéphane Foko Kamga, Daniel Mongue Nyamsi Joseph, Norbert Kouedjou, Safia Kwemo and Nkou Mvondo.

The newly elected FA boss is one of the few former footballer to have been at the helm of Fecafoot after Owona Pascal Babylon.

Samuel Eto’o has the Herculean tasks to uplift the status of the Cameroonian football, ameliorate players welfare, construct stadia and bring together the sports actors on a common platform.

Congratulatory messages pour from opponents and from well-wishers around the world.

outgoing president Seidou Mbombo Njoya was one of the first to congratulate the new president in a tweet.

One of the fore-runners of the Fecafoot presidential election at Fecafoot Zacharie Wandja, extended warm words of gratitude to Samuel Eto’o after the 43 to 31 edge against incumbent candidate Seidou Mbombo Njoya.

Zacharie Wandja echoed, “I want congratulate my young son Samuel Eto’o for his brilliant win this afternoon. I urge him to stay focused and reflect on the state of our football”.

” I know the task will be a huge one. But, Samuel and his closest collaborators have got all it takes to change the Cameroonian game. “

Among the many well-wishers, Didier Drogba has congratulated Samuel Eto’o Fils.

Saturday 11 elections win by Eto’o came on the hills of a coalition with with Maboang Kessack, Nyamsi Crepin and Jules, Tagouh. Meanwhile, Denis Onana and Zacharie Wandja came in coalition with the incumbent Seidou Mbombo Njoya.

Samuel Eto’o becomes the youngest and 17th President of Fecafoot at 40, and hopes to make the Cameroonian football community proud.

Barely a month to the 33rd edition of TotalEnergies AFCON 2021 Eto’o is expected to complete preparations to the hosting of the continental soccer show piece.

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