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Murder In The Church: Christian Dead, Pastor Shot

By Etienne Mainimo

A woman identified as a hairdresser in Bali, Northwest Region of Cameroon whose name we are yet to confirm has been killed.

According to an eye witnesses account, the attack was carried out by ‘suspected government forces’ on Sunday August 22.

The pastor of Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC Ntanfoang was shot in the hand.

Even though Cameroonfactfinder is still following up the updates, report say, bullets were sprayed in the direction of the church, during the traditional Sunday worship.

Several Christians of the congregation are in a still of fear and shock and all of them declined to talked to this reporter.

Bali has recently been under heavy tension after five police officers were murdered in an ambush by suspected separatist fighters

The attack prompted the SDO of the area to ban the circulation of motor bikes in Bali Nyonga sub-division for a period of three months renewable.

Separatists on their part banned cars from circulating in Bali.

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