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National Youth Day: Celebrations Resume Nationwide After Two Years

By Etienne Mainimo

National Youth Day celebrations in Cameroon have resumed after a two-year suspension due to the global health pandemic, COVID-19.

On Febraury 11, celebrations took off to in all the four corners of the country marking the 56th anniversary.

Celebrations were commemorated under the theme, “Youth and voluntary participation in the major challenges of Cameroon.”

In Yaounde, pupils and students expressed their happiness following the resumption of youth day celebrations.

Few schools were selected to take part in the march past. In addition, the number of schools and pupils, as well as students, were also reduced.

Due to the upsurge COVID-19 in 2020, celebrations marking some important days in Cameroon like Youth Day, Women’s Day, Labor Day, and National Day celebrations were suspended.

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