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All You Need To Know About The Yaounde Health Care Week

Focus of the Yaounde Healthcare Week is on Non-communicable diseases.

The Yaounde Healthcare-Week will be a health event to hold under the theme ‘Non Communicable Diseases: Priorities and Solutions for the Nation.’

Slated from December 8 to 10,  2021 the healthcare-week will  feature scientific conferences and keynotes speeches, debates , workshops , sensitization campaigns and a symposium.

The event has as specific objectives to sensitize the popular on life style diseases such as hyper-tension, stroke, diabetes and cancer. Adding to that will be the training of participants on issues related to bone fractures and general traumatology .

The scientific committee responsible for the organization of the three-day health Jamboree has at its helm Professor Mbanya Jean Claude, Endocrinology at the Yaounde Faculty of Medicine.

Addressing the press, Professor Mbanya Jean Claude said, “The Yaounde Healthcare-week has as objective to sensitize the Cameroonian community on how to avoid non communicable diseases which are related to our daily life styles. Some of these diseases include mental health, cardiovascular diseases, high blood, cancer, COVID-19 and diabetes because they affect everyone in the society”.

“All the above mentioned diseases have a common risk factor which could be the family history, tobacco in take, lack of physical activities, malnutrition, obesity and alcohol consumption”.

“We shall equally be teaching the people on how to manage chronic diseases such as HIV,  patients with communicable and with non communicable diseases, why COVID-19 vaccines should be taken and the dangers of not taking the vaccine”.

“We shall work hand in glove with the media and they will have the ultimate gold to educate the Cameroonian community on how to prevent non communicable diseases”.

“Also, educate the school children on non communicable diseases , so they can help to educate some of their parents at home”.

During the December three days health expert gathering, some health personnel are expected to grab refresher courses on some modern and scientific innovation discoveries and practices, especially from laboratory experts and pharmaceutical actors.

The event is organized in partnership with the APERO, a non -governmental organization whose objectives are to promote good medical values, fight against the illicit sale roadside drugs, the circulation of good therapeutic information and the creation of a solid network of health professionals and  the Cameroon Society of Orthopedic and traumatology order.

By Brian Mbenowoh

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