ANAFOOT Begins Talent Hunt Across Ten Regions

The National Football Academy, ANAFOOT, has launched an extensive initiative aimed at identifying and selecting talented individuals for its ten regional poles across Cameroon.

This detection and selection exercise, which spans from Friday, October 6 to October 28, seeks to uncover promising boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 16. The aspirants were registered on August 30, 2023.

ANAFOOT, in a recent public announcement, indicated that the campaign is aimed at unearthing young talents with exceptional potential for excelling in high-level football.

The academy aims to ensure a comprehensive and rigorous selection process by engaging a panel of experts, including former footballers.

The communique stated, that the specific goals are to identify and enroll young individuals who aspire to play football and evaluate the skills of each player based on technical, athletic, tactical, and psychological abilities.

As part of the process, the results obtained during the field assessments will be diligently recorded and documented.

These results will be made available to the General Management, ensuring transparency and accountability within the selection process.

Furthermore, the outcomes will be published after the deliberations to provide transparency and recognition for the participants.

After the campaign, each regional pole will have a fresh group of boys and girls who will form the regional elite in their respective categories.

This exciting development means that approximately 500 young talents have the potential to become part of the sporting elite in the coming years.

To ensure a fair selection process, the heads of the regional poles will collect a photocopy of the birth certificate of each aspiring player, maintaining a solid foundation of integrity and verification.

During the detection and selection exercise, teams comprising either nine or eleven players will be formed, and matches will be played with durations of either 2×15 minutes or 2×20 minutes.

The evaluation criteria will include various aspects such as technical skills, tactical understanding, and athletic abilities including speed, mental aptitude, and intelligence.

Continuous assessment and skimming will occur throughout the process to ensure that only the best candidates are chosen to represent their regions.

It is worth noting that ANAFOOT has made significant contributions to the development of football talent in Cameroon.

During the off-season, the academy facilitated the placement of around thirty players with clubs participating in the elite leagues organized by the Cameroon Football Federation, FECAFOOT.

Additionally, a dozen young players are regularly selected to represent the national squad, showcasing the academy’s commitment to nurturing and promoting young talent.

Presently, some of these promising players are undergoing training with the national U-20 team as they prepare for the qualifiers of the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup.

The initiation of this comprehensive talent detection and selection process by ANAFOOT annually demonstrates the academy’s dedication to identifying and nurturing future football stars.

With a transparent and rigorous approach, ANAFOOT aims to create a strong foundation for the development of football talent across the country, ensuring that the next generation of players receives the necessary support and opportunities to excel on both national and international stages.

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