Blue Home: Key Facts You Need To Know

Cameroon Telecommunications, CAMTEL has launched  Blue Home, and  here is what you need to know.

Blue Home is Wireless To Homes, WTH, which for now is in Yaoundé and Douala with 18 agencies and 200 staff.

It is 4 times faster than 4G internet, with unlimited download, repaired  and used  from a Customer Premises Equipment, CPE or a WiFi Modem.

The client uses the CPE in the office or at home; after registering and obtaining the SIM card which is unique, 242 or 243.

Once  the SIM card is configured in a specific zones, it would be impossible for it to function elsewhere.

The target population are homes, start-ups, small businesses and shops.

Blue Home is up to 10 Mbps speed which depends on the amount prepaid.

After buying CPE, 10Mbps is offered for a month, and when this expires, the customer can choose either to pay Fcfa 15,000 for 4Mbps; 25,000 for 7Mbps or stick to the 10Mbps for  fcfa 40,000.

The idea of Blue Hone started in 2018 , finances secured in 2020 and today, with the high speed internet the customer can watch live events, films on Netflix and more.

According to the Blue Home Project Chief, Edmund Zama, Camtel for a long time has been running a fibre product which is very good and sometimes might be costly and sometimes it can take a long time to get to customers.

“The idea behind this Blue project was to fill that gap, a solution that will quickly and instantly allow the customers to come to reality and get connected”, Zama stated.

“We need to (also) remember that the connection is not the ADSL or DSL connection, it is a fibre-like experience. So it was that desire to try to match that experience with a very quick roll out capability and that is what we did”, Zama stressed.

At the official launch, the Deputy  General Manager, Daniel Desire Olle said CAMTEL decided  to placed their actions on the premise of eccentricity and change management.

CAMTEL Deputy GM  underscored the importance of launching Blue Home, ”To be known by the customers, to satisfy them;  the first blue product to make them feel at ease with all the products”,


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