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Cameroon biometric passport nine months after: Procedure to follow

Cameroon announced the production of biometric passports nine months ago on September 7 and the first passports have been promised for July 1.

Here is the procedure:

  1. Online enrollment from an android phone, laptop, request on DGSN website
  2. Electronic payment by mobile money or credit card
  3. Online application enrollment in a center chosen by the applicant, physical presence of applicant at the production centre, (Douala and Garoua under construction and others being renovated).
  4. Opening and verification of the file submitted by the applicant online, presentation of the originals of the required documents, taking of photo, finger prints, scanning of supporting documents and approval of the information to appear on the passport by the applicant. This is followed by enrollment by operator and printing of the passport.

The applicant can follow the progress of the passport through the DGSN website.

The Production capacity of the biometric passports is of 1500 per day or 2200 in optimal production.

Requests not rejected will be processed within 48 hours

In case rejection a message ((sms) or mail specifying the reason would be sent to the applicant

Text message for withdrawal, in case of extreme cases, upon an authorization a third party can withdraw the passport.

In view of the entry effective production of the biometric passport, the Immigration Centres will have to stop enrollment for the present passports on the 23 rd of June 2021, and June 15, 2021 in diplomatic missions to allow to end production under the current system.

On September 7, 2020, the DGSN signed a contract with Augentic consortium for the production of a new biometric passport system but challenges related to Covid-19 production delayed.

Before now, it could take an applicant months to obtain a passport, but the Delegate General for National Security, DGSN, Mbarga Nguelle has stated by June 1, the passport would be delivered within 48 hours.

Shortcomings observed in the old system were: low machine production capacity leading to delays, manual production and corruption in the chain and physical falsification of data.

The Implantation of the new solution would last for 10 years before it is transferred to Cameroon.

Augentic would finance the entire project and construct enrolment centers.

Meanwhile, the 2021 final the biometric passport would be got or renewed for and FCFA 35,000, from FCFA 75,000 to 110,000.

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