Cameroon Women Confirm Continental Volleyball Superiority

Lifting the trophy of the African Women’s Volleyball Championship for the third time in a row, Cameroon has confirmed continental superiority in Volleyball.

Head Coach Jean Rene Akono and girls  defeated Kenya 3-1 in the just ended African Women’s Volleyball Championship finals in Kigali to reign as Africa’s volleyball giants.

This was after her brilliant play-outs.

The Cameroonian team beat Kenya in a 3 set to 1 via a good number of points :25-21, 25-23, 15-25 and 25-23 to successfully defend the title that they had won in 2018.

For a third consecutive time the Lionesses have imposed their mark on the continental Volleyball sphere.

The competition saw the atlas lionesses of Morocco backing home a bronze medal after inflicting an unbearable trashing to the Nigerian side.


VOLLEYBALL RWANDA 2021: Distinctive players

Most Valuable Player: Cameroon’s #2 Christelle Tchoudjang Nana 🇨🇲

Best Libero: Morocco’s #3 Yousra Souidi 🇲🇦

Best Receiver: Kenya’s #14 Mercy Moim 🇰🇪


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