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Epilepsy : Dr Mundih’s Work Recognised With The Amanda Award 2022

The work of Dr Mundih Noelar Njohjam, physician and CEO of Epilepsy Awareness And Aid Foundation has been recognized with the Armanda Award 22.

ROW Global Health singled out  Dr Mundih for the impact made on narrowing #epilepsy treatment gaps.

“Dr. Mundih approaches care holistically, with medical treatment in her role as a physician and addresses the social aspects of epilepsy through her work with EAAF”, Row explains.

An article in the  The LANCET: Neurology   indicates that “The prevalence of epilepsy in Cameroon might be the highest in the world. Figures of between 4·9% and 6% are commonly quoted, although values of over 10% have been reported for some areas.”

Barriers to receiving care Cameroon include among others  poverty, proximity to healthcare facilities and travel made difficult by civil unrest in the Northwest and Southwest regions. Some areas in the Northwest like Batibo have a high rate of epilepsy.

To Row, ” EAAF raises awareness about epilepsy, provides treatment and supports people living with epilepsy. Though with a tight budget, in just two years, EAAF has reached nearly 200,000 Cameroonians with epilepsy messaging through media outlets and school/community programs. It provides medical assistance, sponsors school expenses of students with epilepsy and educates health workers about epilepsy. This year, EAAF is also presenting programs to empower women with epilepsy and has a new mobile phone app under development to help patients in rural areas access information and services.”


As a physician, Dr. Mundih is constantly working to improve epilepsy treatment in her community. Before finishing her medical degree, she persuaded her future employer (Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services) to open an epilepsy clinic in Bamenda. (ROW provides both Roweepra® and Subvenite® to the clinic.) Dr. Mundih completed both sessions of the Epilepsy Assessment & Management Course by Pretola Global Health to further her epilepsy knowledge before beginning training in neurology. This year she was selected to receive the World Federation of Neurology’s scholarship to complete her neurology residency at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Senegal, which Dr. Mundih describes as “a dream come true.”

In 2019, ROW launched the Amanda Award to honor the memory of Amanda Brooke de los Santos, who passed away from seizures at a young age. This comes with a $2,500 cash grant.

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