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Guinness Super League Day 4: Can Vision Sports FC Stop Awa FC?

The women’s championship enters day four with Vision Sports FC at the bottom paired to host Awa FC, top on the classification table.

The question is, after losing the first three games, can they turn the tides in their favor at home at the University of Bambili Stadium to  stop Awa_ff_fc_officiel in their upward progression?

Visions has been credited for winning their home games, but curiously they lost to FAP during day three game, pushing fans to ponder if they can break away from the spirit of losing, both at home and away.

In other fixtures FC Ebolowa with four points, 8th on the table, play host to Louves Minproff who made a dramatic come back picking their first win.

Louves Minproff claimed their respect defeating Renaissance 12-0 with Flora Kameni scoring seven goals in one game, more than a double hat trick. The duel at the Nkoo Vos Stadium in Ebolowa, promises to be electrifying.

While in Douala at the Bepanda Stadium, Caiman FF who won two of their games and lost one, are to battle it out with FAP Amazone second on the classification table with seven points.

Still in Douala, the Guinnessico is set between Authentic Ladies and Lekie Filles. A point separates the two novices to the championship who are ready to showcase their know-how.

At the Amadou Ahidjo Annex Stadium, Eclair FF who dropped to the third place losing their first game against Awa FF are to lock horns with Canon Filles. Canon FF are three places away from Eclair with four points. Eclair would want to regain winning ways and the encounter is set to be engaging.

Meanwhile, in an advance day four match,  Eding FF nailed Renaissance of Figuil 5-0 for their second win.

Following day three matches, here is the unofficial classification.


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