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Guinness Super League: Fans Display On The Agenda

Football would not make meaning without fans, and this is more true to women’s football at the base with a low fan-base.

It is for this reason that one of the innovations of Season 2.0 of the Guinness Super League is the display of fans.

Fans, as the 12th player have a pride of place in the Guinness Super League, as such, giving them the reason to come out in their number for the opening of the season.

The display of fans clubs is therefore a must watch as every fans club would want to outsmart the other.

Apart form the fans display another innovation is the Woman of Guinnessico, the best player of the top matches who would be awarded a sum of FCFA 50,000.

Meanwhile clubs have been preparing for the opening of the season recruiting new players, playing friendlies, and ironing out the grey areas to be fit this season.

Vision FC of Bamenda has recruited 15 new players though all would not play this season, and Canon FC played a friendly as they prepare for the season.

The opening match would pit Awa Filles against Louvres Minproff at the Ngoa-Ekelle Stadium and two days to the kick-off there is real celebration in the air.

Preparations are going on at the Women’s Professional Football League and Guinness for the a grand start of the season.



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