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Guinness Super League: Vision Sports Set For First League Game

Vision Sport FC the lone team from the English-speaking region is set for day one match with 15 new recruits this season.

Vision FC President Jefther Pase, in their pre-season presser stated clearly  that the teams ambition this season is to finish among the top three.

“Two years ago we finished in the eight position, last year we moved up to the sixth and with the players thirst for victory, I think this year we would be among the top three,” Pase said.

According to day one fixtures, Vision FC is playing away from home this April 20, 2022 against Éclair FF de Sa’a at the Amadou Ahidjo Annex No.1 Stadium in Yaoundé.

On the same day, Fap Amazone would lock horns with Lekie Football Filles to complete day one matches.

Partial Results Day One

AS Awa FC vs Louves Minproff 3-2

Renaissance Athlétique vs Authentic Ladies 0-1

FC Ebolowa Filles vs Eding Football Filles 1-0

Caïman Filles vs Canon Football filles 1-0

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