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Medical Council Decries Violence On Doctors, No Mention Of Harvested Organs

The Cameroon Medical Council has decried violence on doctors who are their members saying there are avenues to seek redress.

Prof. Ashuntatang Gloria, president of the Cameroon Medical Council in a release regretting the physical beating on Dr Towa however did not even make mention of the issue at stake-the  missing organs.

On September 24, relatives of a deceased patient accosted the Yaoundé Central hospital. accusing the medical staff of illegally harvesting organs from their relation.

A video online showed a man who identified himself as the elder brother of the deceased recounting that how he and his brothers decided to undress the deceased to “see the state of the body without his bandages.”

The bumpy chest prompted the family members to undress the deceased to make the alleged discovery of missing organs.

Following the incident that occurred on September 24 at the the Yaoundé Central Hospital, I have just instructed an investigation to get those responsible for the violence. Assaulting health personnel these days is unacceptable because there are other means of recourse.”, explained the Cameroonian public minister on its Twitter account.

The family is now claiming it was a  “suspicious death” and want answers. 

In a statement Friday, the director of the Yaoundé Central hospital, Pierre Joseph Fouda, admitted that the 22-year-old victim was received in the emergency room on September 10 “for a penetrating wound in the left lumbar fossa”.

This required an operation the repair of internal damage: “Unfortunately, the patient left against all medical advice  ” writes Pierre Joseph Fouda.

According to the director of the Yaoundé Central Hospital, the patient returned four days later with signs of a severe abdominal infection. He was operated upon. Doctors discovered  a sore of the bowel and stool in the abdominal cavity.

Doctors cut-off the affected bowel, then repaired, but “the patient died as a result of  generalized sepsis,” the statement read.

This is not the first scandal at the Central hospital as in 2020 as couple claimed one of their babies was stolen at the hospital after a scan showed the mother was pregnant with twins. The story died without any more light on the matter.

A similar case at the Laquintinie Hospital in Douala in 2012 led to the dismissal of four agents of the hospital.

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