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Train Express: First Journey, Key Facts

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Train Express, the inter-city train commenced business today, four years after the train accident at Ezeka on October 21, 2016.



A total of 79 persons died and 551 were injured from the accident.

Starting a new page,  Train Express  between Yaounde and Douala has five stops -Ngoumou, Malak, Eseka, Messondo and Edea.


Official Launch of Train Express


Unlike the Yaounde -Ngaoundere train with ancients seats,  Train Express has more comfortable seats,  WIFI on board, workspace,  Television, sockets to charge phones, laptops among others.

Round tickets for first class tickets are sold for FCFA 17,000 while a single trip ticket is FCFA 10,000.

Meanwhile, premium class tickets sell for FCFA 8000 and a round trip at FCFA 14,000.

Departure time from the economic capital is 6:00am while from the political capital, Yaounde is 2:30pm.

The ride is 4:45 minutes, the same time it takes a bus to leave from Yaounde to Douala.

Steve Fah, popular blogger and web influencer seemed crossed with the price  of tickets and length of the journey.  He commented  on Camrail Facebook Page. 

“No, No  Camrail you are not solving any problem, the price of FCFA 8000 is on the high side. Cameroonians expected prices from FCFA 2500. And the time 4:45 minutes too long, why not provide a real express train in Cameroon”.

Official Launch of Train Express



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