Twilight of Crooks

Twilight Of Crooks


Twilight of Crooks, is set in an oil producing, third world country of Tumaranda with similarities to many countries in Africa where crime wave, corruption and press gagging are rife.

The 129-page book starts like the detective film of Inspector Derrick, only to metamorphose action to the main character, Jason Makelekele, an investigative Journalist.

The novel, centers around crime, corruption and the flaunting of power highlighting the life of investigative journalist trying to unravel a crime.

But, as he gets close to the mystery behind the crime- “a black market of embezzled crude oil to multinationals”, the ‘high-ups’ pressures his media house The Tumaranda Stars and he is sent on a three months course.

This is a common scenario in some African countries where the media is gagged in unspeakable ways and used by the powerful in society for their selfish ends.

The author, in the fifteen-chapter book, uses simple language in a yet sophisticated style, intricately woven around suspense to drive home his message.

With a nostalgia to return home after his course, a bombshell, it suddenly downs on the journalist that he is political refugee.

“The Tumaranda crooks had refused to fold-they were having a glorious twilight and Makelekele, like the Marathon Man was now to be a runner who would not breast the tape”.

The subtle use of French phrases in some sentences tips the reader that Tumaranda is a bilingual country like Cameroon where ‘Camfraglais’ is used in conversations.

“All was now a je ne sais quoi matter”(page 97) ;

“He felt short of le mot juste in this contre temps” (page 98); “The stigma of sans domicile fixe (page 116)

The typo in the name Sonni-Sunni, page 62, does not in any way dampen the quality of the book, full of description, taking the reader on a ride to different spots in Germany with the main character, the journalist.

In the epilogue, the author hints a twilight for Tumaranda with European countries closing in on the authorities besides the country being branded a ‘rogue state’.

I recommend this book for journalists and especially graduates from Journalism schools as it would kindle their imagination and understanding of the environment where they practice.

Book Review

Title: Twilight of Crooks

Publisher: Bakwa Books

Author: Mwalimu Johnnie MacViban

Year of Publication: 2021

Number of Pages:  129

Reviewer: Leocadia Bongben


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