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“Peace Is More Powerful Than War” President Eto’o Told 2009 GA

By Brian Mboh

The President of the Cameroon Football Federation, Samuel Eto’o Fils has sued for peace, saying the latter is more powerful than war. Eto’o has expressed the desire of seeing the Cameroonian football gaining nobility with football being played on the field, players well remunerated and stadia full to capacity with spectators.

These wishes were articulated during his encounter with some members of the Fecefoot 2009 general assembly on Thursday at the Hotel Mont Febe in a bid to find a long lasting solution to the numerous court cases filed at the international Court of Arbitration for Sports on his legitimacy.

44 persons out of the 74 members that constituted the Fecafoot 2009 general assembly, had participated in the Fecafoot conclave. The cohort unanimously decided to terminate all the sport litigations tabled at the Chamber Arbitration for Sports and at the National Olympic Committee for Sports (CCA).

Discussions had debuted at 3pm and ended at 7:30pm, with the adoption of 8 important points, examine as a panaxia to the numerous problems plaguing the Cameroonian soccer for the past ten years.

Some of these points include;

1-The entire members of the fecafoot 2009 AG, have recognized Samuel Eto’o Fils as the legitimate President of the Cameroon Football Federation following his brilliant victory on December 11, 2021.

2- Faustin Blaise Mbida Mbida and Pierre Boujiko Yokeka were designated as the Fecafoot 2009 general assembly members Spokespersons.

3-The members of the fecafoot 2009 general assembly, in unison have disassociated themselves from every judicial procedures both at the national and international levels aimed at delaying the progress of the Cameroonian football.

4-The President of the Cameroon Football Federation has taken the engagement to consult the different judicial commissions, regarding the suspension of some members of the Fecafoot 2009 general assembly linked to the electoral crises.

At the end of the Fecafoot gathering, a common agreement was signed between Faustin Blaise Mbida Mbida, Pierre Boujiko Yokeka representing the 2009 AG members and President Samuel Eto’o on behalf of the Cameroon Football Federation.

The absence of some influential club leaders to the likes of Mballa Owono, President of the Association of Amateur Football Clubs in Cameroon and Abdouramam Amadou architects of the numerous litigations tabled at the Court of Arbitration for Sports was noted.

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