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Suspected Trafficker In Custody For Illegal Possession Of 45kg Pangolin Scales

A former worker of a logging company has been remanded in custody for illegal possession of 45kg of Pangolin scales.

The arrest took place in Bertoua, in the East region on April 14 during a crackdown operation carried out by the Lom and Djerem Divisional Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife.

Eco-guards of the Deng Deng National Park alongside a LAGA wildlife law enforcement officer, were part of the operation.

According to an expert of a law enforcement body, The Last Great Ape, LAGA, 45kg of Pangolin scales can be equated to killing 68 Pangolins.  

With a bag filled with Pangolin scales strapped on the motorcycle, the man arrived at the transaction scene from Diang a small locality 40km from Bertoua.

Reports say the suspect is part of a pangolin trafficking network operating in Diang and in Bertoua.  The suspect bought pangolin scales which he stocked at home from traffickers in villagers around Diang including Kapan, Kariol, Mbang, and Molobo.

Pangolins also known as Scaly Anteaters are the only mammals with large protective keratin scales, similar in material to fingernails and toenails that covers their skin. The Pangolin is a solitary animal that mates and produces one to three offspring.

A nocturnal animal that feeds mostly on ants and termites which it captures using its long tongue, Pangolins live in hollow trees or burrows depending on the species, and are found mostly in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Among the most trafficked mammals with high demands for their meat, skin, scales, and claws, the Pangolin population worldwide is fast diminishing. The Pangolin is protected under the 1994 Cameroon wildlife law.

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