Lamine Mana

Guinness Super League: Awa FF Continues To Dictate Pace

Awa FF continues to top the league table unperturbed after day five matches played across the country.

Lamine Mana scoring a hat trick helped the club to trash Authentic FF of Douala 5-0 to maintain the top position with 15 points and 19 goals scored.

Awa FF
Awa FF

Lamine during the encounter opened scores barely seven minutes then increased tally within a three minutes interval.

The second goal, a free kick which she lifted directly into the net before increasing tally at the 38th minute. Farida Machia scored before break while Owona Mballa sealed Authentic’s faith in the second half.

Authentic FF Douala

Awa FF is joined on top of the league table by Amazone FAP who were slowed by Éclair FF to share the spoils.

Amazone are second on the league table with 11 points and only 4 goals scored. Newly promoted Lekie FF are in the third position with ten points and two goals scored.

Amazone FAP

It should be noted that Louves Minproff are progressing despite a poor start with the second highest goals scored, 12.

At the bottom of the league table are Vision Sport FC who have lost all their games, have conceded 15 goals while Renaissance of Figuil is the last on the table having conceded 21 goals.

Two clubs, Awa FF and Louves Minproff have the best strikers, while Vision Sports FC and Renaissance are distributors of goals, with poor defense and attack.

Amazone FAP vs Eclair

Éclair FF Holds Amazone FAP To 1-1 Tie

Visitors Eclair FF have held Amazone FAP to a 1-1 tie. The encounter at the Olembe Annex Stadium saw FAP open scores through Gaylaine Tchadeu but their joy of picking three points was short-lived when Priso Ndong Pauline sent a beautiful short over Ngo Ndom’s head directly into the net behind.

Amazone FAP

Eclair held on till the end of the encounter to slow FAP’s progressing at the top of the table. Having lost two of their games, Eclair are looking good to return to winning ways.

Eclair FF lost their first game against Awa FF and since then the team has been on a downward trend till they secured a draw against FAP.

Eclair FF

Priso Ndong Pauline Eclair FF who equalized for her side emerged as the woman of the match -Woman of Guinnessico and bagged home FCFA 50,000.

Priso Ndong Pauline -Woman of Guinnessico

Meanwhile, Louves Minproff picked three points beating Canon FF 2-0 in their Day 5 game to move up the league table with seven points. Though not among the top five on the league table, Louves Minproff can take pride for scoring 12 goals in a single game, and hosting the top scorer with ten goals to her boots, Flora Kameni.

But, Coach Anong Bernadette is not yet satisfied with the team’s performance and is working hard to turn the tides.

Presently, Awa FC continues to top the league table with 12 points, a clean slate and looking good with Lamine Mana who scored a haul-trick ( 6 goals) against Vision Sports FC of Bamenda.

Awa FF

At the bottom of the league table are Vision Sports FC and Renaissance who are yet to win a single game.