Signup Increase For Signal, Impact Of Facebook Bug

More signups for Signal- a messaging app is the direct impact of the more than 6hour Facebook bug experience dtoday the world over. This is the second bug in 2021.

From about 4: 00pm to about 11 pm on Monday, October 4, Facebook and its applications, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp were down.

Many at first thought there was an issue with the internet, a tech expert Rebecca Enonchong tweeted that Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp were down.

Then, Facebook tweeted that they were working to restore the apps.

Many started searching for different apps and Signal came as the app many signed up for, as seen from this tweet.

Meanwhile there was real fun on twitter.

When twitter noticed the rush, the message was, Hello everyone, WhatsApp replied, Instagram, and Facebook too. Then McDonalds asked what he could do for twitter and the response was 56.6million nuggets for my friends.

By 10:00pm CAT messages started popping up, to indicate that Facebook apps had been restored. Facebook again tweeted.

But, many are still at loss at to why there was such a bug as Facebook has not explained.

The loses Facebook has incurred as a result of the bug is estimated at about 7 billion US dollars.

There are allegations that a post by a former Facebook employee Frances Haugen, that made revelations about the conflict of interest Facebook has to deal with shortly before, was the cause of the bug, but this has not been confirmed.