Baby Killed

#Buea: School Child Dies From Gendarme Bullets

Carolaise, a child of four years was shot dead in Buea, in the crisis Anglophone region of Cameroon this morning by a gendarme officer on patrol.

The angry population is said to have descended on the officer had him well beaten and stoned to death.

According to the Lekunze Barbara, sister to late Carolaise’s mother, the sister was sitting behind the car with three of her children. All she heard was gunshots and the child sitting closest to her was in a pool of blood and died on the spot.

According to a Lawyer, Agbor Balla, “two gendarme officers on patrol at Molyko-Bwitingi stretch of road, directly behind the Molyko-Omnisport Stadium, opened fire at a car carrying a 4 years old school child and unfortunately, the child died.

It is not very clear who was taking her to school the driver or the mother of the deceased girl was driving past the gendarme on patrol when she was stopped by the two officers.

The driver hesitated and drove past the post informing them that she was running late as she was taking her daughter to school.

One of the gendarme officers opened fire at the shield of her car and the bullet hit the child on the head, shattering her skull and she died instantly”.

Agbor Balla maintains that this action brought an uproar as the angry mob took hold of the gendarme and pounced on him, killing him with stones, while his colleague escaped the scene.

“We condemn the impunity with which the military acted, and call on the state to investigate the matter and ensure that the baby is given a befitting burial and the family compensated.We equally condemn the mob Justice meted out to the gendarme officer resulting in his death”, Agbor Balla stated.

Speaking to the angry crowd, the Governor, Okalia Bilai begged them to take the remains of the mortuary, but they have been parading the corps in whole of Buea.

In a release, Defense Ministry spokesperson said the driver refused to obey the officer and this led to the shooting. Defense Ministry regrets the incident and promised to investigate.

Meanwhile social media has been awash with imaged of the child without a skull on the streets of Buea. The Grand mother of the little baby stripped naked on the street when she saw the lifeless body of her grand child.

The mother of the child is in a state of trauma and can be seen in a video asking if the child has been given her Yogourt.