Producer/Actress Joins Initiative To Secure Cameroon’s Cyber Space

Essoka Security Cyber Security Division provides solutions to secure passwords, emails, cards and hacked platforms.

By Etienne Mainimo

Cameroon’s celebrated actress and film producer, Stephanie Tum is now Essoka Cyber Security Division Brand Ambassador.

Stephanie Tum signed a two year contract with the Cameroon base private security company on July 21 in Yaounde.

According to the terms of the contract, Tum is expected to create and push the company’s vision of cyber security to the public.

Speaking shortly after signing her contract, Tum expressed her appreciation to the company, promising to push the agenda and create awareness in Cameroon and beyond.

“I feel happy to accompany the company through out this project. I think it normal for me to be part of this as a public figure, a model and citizen of Cameroon who is directly threatened by cyber security.

I am so delighted and will heartily push forward this agenda for Cameroon space to be secured. Also, push for Cameroonians are trained to secure Cameroon and African cyber space as a whole,” she said.

She added, “I will work so hard to push this agenda and to make sure that awareness is created on cyber security in Cameroon and get as many Cameroonians as possible involved”.

Joseph Nsoh, Chief Executive Officer, CEO of the company thanked Stephanie Tum for accepting to be the company’s brand ambassador.

“You chosen because of your social media presence and as a model”.

Essoka Cyber Security Division strives to provide comprehensive solutions to information security issues of this era.

“We provide solutions to secure passwords, emails, cards and hacked platforms”.