Post &Telecommunication Minister Woos Potential Digital Partners To Ensure Internet Connectivity

By Elvis Patrick

Cameroon Post and Telecommunication Minister, Minette Libom Li Likeng has invited partners-organizations and institutions within the Commonwealth Alliance Digital Nations to partner in the digital sector to ensure internet connectivity for every Cameroonian.

Addressing the alliance, Libom Li Likeng shared the challenges of broadband connectivity in Cameroon and sought collaboration with potential international partners and sector members across the commonwealth to improve this situation.

Post and Telecommunication Minister at the London Alliance of Digital Nations

Some of the challenges Cameroon is facing are the fast-growing digital environment that poses a challenge to regulation and the high cost of the internet for low-income persons in Cameroon.

Against this backdrop, the minister said the government has sought the expertise of international partners like the World Bank to help Cameroon to put in place an enabling environment that takes into consideration a converging technological landscape, the convergence of service delivery; companies and businesses to meet up with consumer demands.

She maintained that the government is committed to enhancing regulatory instruments; institutional and decisional capacity to attract sector investments and enhance digital trust through efficient cybersecurity measures as well as skills.

Post and Telecom minister maintained that the government is open to any form of partnership with countries, organizations, and institutions within the Commonwealth to ensure that every Cameroonian is connected.

The minister is amongst 20 ICT state ministers across the commonwealth, taking part in the first-ever ministerial alliance for Digital Nations, underway in London in the United Kingdom.

Minister Libom Li Likeng is accompanied by a high-level delegation of the ICT sector in Cameroon including the Telecommunications Regulatory Board-ART and Cameroon Telecommunications- CAMTEL.

Minister Libom Li Likeng

The ministerial alliance for Digital Nations comes on the heels of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation Digital Week which kicked off on February 20th with a forum chaired by Cameroon.

The Digital Week ends on Friday, February 24th with major decisions expected to be taken with regard to the management of the CTO where Cameroon is the sector Development partner and member of the council.