Guinness Super League: Bongben Confidence Indispensable Plug For FAP Amazone

Following the late day eight game of the Guinness Super League played today at the Ngoa Ekelle stadium, Bongben Confidence scored a brace for FAP Amazone in a 5-1 win against Caiman FF.

Confidence scored one of the fastest goals of the 2022/2023 season, 25 seconds into the encounter.

She doubled the scores four minutes later before Linda Ngatchou increased the tally, making it 3-0 for Amazone.

Wanki Rita scored the fourth goal at stoppage time in the first half before Camian FF through Brenda Ebobisse reduced the tally after the second period. Esterin Nyebe added the fifth goal for FAP Amazone.

Following her enterprising nature, Bongben Confidence is gradually building confidence in the team and herself. She played a significant role of an assist, connecting balls for the attackers to net them in their 2-0 win against Eding FF, the first win of the season.

Her performance earned her the Woman-of-Guinnessico.

Confidence has proven to be a great plug for FAP Amazone helping the team to win back-to-back after registering a series of defeats at the start of the season.

FAP now has six points and seven goals scored following the eighth day of play.