First Phase Guinness Super League: The Good, Bad &Ugly

The first phase of the Guinness Super League has come to an end with Lekie Filles emerging as the champion with 28 points, 35 goals scored and five conceded. The team has demonstrated that it has the best attack so far from the huge number of goals scored.

Also, the top three scorers are Lekie Filles, Raissa Nanga with 09, Brenda Tabe with 09, and Nga Manga with 07 goals respectively.

Two players scored the fastest goals of the first phase, Bongben Confidence and Maicha Farida.

The season produced 11 ‘Woman of Guinnessico’ who were part of the celebrations and they went home with the sum of FCFA 50,000.

The case of FC Ebolowa where Julliet Tufoin, was accused of changing her identity and reservations made for her club to lose three points. The player on her Facebook said she has never changed her identity and traced her transfer for Abawka Girls to Vision Sports which she claims followed the right procedure.

Canon of Yaounde following an in-house squabble has not played this season and has been relegated to an inferior league. Instead.