DWB attending to a patient

Doctors Without Borders Continue To Deny Providing ‘Assistance’ To Armed Groups

Doctors Without Borders, DWB, for the umpteenth time have continued to deny allegations that they are funding and suppling weapons to armed groups in the Northwest region.

This is one of the many releases in which DWB is denying ‘assistance’ to armed groups as allegedly reported by some Cameroonians media outlets.

On December 8, 2020, following allegations of conniving with armed groups, the Cameroon government through the ministry of territorial administration suspended the activities of DWB.

Since then, the humanitarian organ has been trying to make government understand that they are out to save lives and have never been connected in away to separatist activities.

We affirm as an absolute that we have never facilitated the transport of arms, ammunition or armed combatants, and have never provided logistical or financial support to any of the parties to the ongoing crisis. In Cameroon as everywhere else in the world, we operate in the strictest respect of our charter, which requires us to act in a framework of total independence, neutrality and impartiality and to apply a policy of zero tolerance for the presence of weapons in the structures and vehicles we support and maintain”, the latest release says.

DWB laments that defamatory accusations, put their patients and their staff in serious strife with armed groups.

DWB have been working in Cameroon for over 35 years, and in the North-West and South-West regions since 2018.

“For months, we have engaged continually with Cameroonian authorities in order to find a solution to the suspension of our activities in the North-West. We have taken every available opportunity to provide transparency and clarity on all the allegations that have been issued, and to demonstrate a total absence of collusion with any armed group or party to the ongoing crisis”, the NGO stressed. 

Key facts to note :

-With the suspension of DWB, separatists continue to operate like before in the Northwest

-Pregnant women who got transported to hospital by DWB are at risk

-Limited provision of health care in remote areas