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Kumba Killings: Buea Military Court Sentences Accused To Execution By Firing Squad

The Buea Military Tribunal has today , September 7, sentenced four accused persons of orchestrating the Kumba killings to execution by firing squad.

On October 24, gunmen killed seven school children of the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy in Kumba Southwest region.

Following arrests, four people were standing trial at the Buea Military Tribunal, on charges of acts of terrorism, hostility against the father land, secession, Insurrection, murder and illegal possession of firearms and ammunitions.

They have ten days to appeal the case.

Killed Kumba students

Timeline of Kumba Killings

  • October 24: Shooting, families grieved as dead bodies of their children were taken to the mortuary, Doctors Without Borders treated the wounded
  • October 25 : Rene Emmanuel Sadi, Government spokes person accused separatists of carrying out the school attack
  • October 26: Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute announced a condolence mission to families of the deceased children
  • October 27: Women marched in Yaounde decrying the Kumba killings, calling for an end to the Anglophone crisis
  • October 27: President Biya condemned the Kumba killings, ordered investigations, promised punishment to the killers
  • October 27: Three ministers, territorial administration, basic and secondary education visited families in Kumba with condolence messages
  • Bamenda women marched to the governor’s officers to say they are tired of the killings
  • October 28: Samuel Ikome Sako separatist led group gave reasons they have no hand in the kumba killings and blamed government
  • October 28: Pope Francis said the killings in Kumba should never happen again
  • October 28: President Biya decreed national mourning day
  • October 28: Government said separatists killed the students and they were in search of ten suspects.
  • November 5: Burial of Kumba students