Team Cameroon

Tokyo Olympic Games: See why #Bamenda Is Trending

#Bamenda is trending after opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan for its ‘Toghu’, an attire of the grass-field people of the Northwest region of Cameroon.

Once more, Cameroon has shot to the limelight because of the colourful grass-field attire worn by team Cameroon during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic games in Japan.

Since then, #Bamenda has been trending on twitter as many attribute the attire to Bamenda.

But it should be noted that the dressing- known as ‘Toghu’ is typical of the grass-field -highland people of the Northwest region and not just Bamenda.

But, to attribute this to Bamenda is like saying everyone from that region is from #Bamenda.

The first time team Cameroon hit the games with the Toghu attire was in 2008 in Beijing, just with a lone flag bearer, but took the world by storm during the London Olympics. Prince Afouakom was privileged to dress the Cameroon team.

But, this maybe be the only time Cameroon would be mentioned in a positive light.

The Olympic Games seem to be an avenue for Cameroon to shine negatively with athletes ‘disappearing’ into thin air.

Though for now only a Ugandan athlete has been deported for Japan after he disappeared from the games village, many are wondering if Cameroon would come out of the games without an athlete disappearing.

London was one of those times, seven athletes disappeared.

Here is Cameroon team at the Olympics Games:

Box: Maxime Yegnong Njieyo (+91 kg), Wilfried Seyi (75kg) andAlbert Mengue Ayissi (69 kgs)
Swimming: Élisabeth Nora and Yves Charly Ndjoume
Weight Lifting : Jeanne Gaëlle Eyenga (-76kg) and Clémentine Meukeugni Noumbissi (-87kg)
Judo: Vanessa Mballa Atangana (+78kg) et Sophina Arrey (-70kg)
Table Tennis: Sarah Hanffou
Wrestling: Essombe Tiako (-53kg)
Athletics: Emmanuel Esseme (200m)