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Women’s Peace Convention: Avenue For Emotional Discharge For Traumatized Women

At the end of the first National Women’s Conference for Peace in Cameroon, some women would be smiling home relieved just because they were able to share their problems- a kind of emotional discharge.

“We can say for the time being, at the psychosocial village, there is a kind of emotional discharge from the negative things women have accumulated in the ongoing conflict in the Anglophone regions, and now need follow-up”, Dr Ovambe, psychologist stated.

It is against this back drop that organizer of the first National Women’s Peace Convention created a Psychosocial village.

Here counsellors orient patients to doctors in their different huts for them to share whatever problem is disturbing them.

Though for now the number consulted is not known, Ovambe says women from the conflict areas suffer psycho-trauma, besides marital stress and family matters.

Trauma may create problems in the family, as it may lead to violence and contaminates the family.

Dr Ovambe, who is president of the association of psychologists says the Northwest and Southwest regions will experience more trauma when the war comes to an end.

Four years now, the crisis in the Anglophone regions has led to the death of more than 3000 person but many are living with trauma.

To him, it is good that some women are already experiencing trauma and with follow-up they can heal.

But, he maintained that, “There are many who may not live trauma for now, as it may lie dormant and manifest later in months and years”.

He regretted that in Cameroon and Africa, psychological issues are not taken into consideration.

He opined that government needs to invest in psychology which should be at the service of society.

One of the organizers of the convention at the psychosocial village, Justine Kwache Kumshe maintained that there will be follow-up in the different regions.

She stated that a repertoire is given to women in the different regions and referrals provided. Kwache urged government to build psychosocial centre especially in conflict regions.

Without the psychosocial centre at the moment, Psychology research student, Ines Lea maintained that families should show love and offer traumatized members to expresses themselves.