What Is ‘Kayamata’, Why Is It Trending?

Twitter in Cameroon is almost on fire with a hot conversation on ‘Kayamata’- a Hausa expression that signifies ‘ Women Things’.

In the larger sense of the word, ‘Kayamata’ would encompass a number of things that women use to keep the men glued to them and not go chasing after other women. These could be charms, the white stone…

The Kayamata trend seems to have started in Nigeria and Cameroon joined the band wagon.

Then in Cameroon it started with a voice note on WhatsApp groups with a lady stating with FCFA 90,000 (about 180 dollars)she could sell kayamata for them to make the most money from men.

Then, another lady confessed on social media how the husband was bringing girls home and she went to a native doctor who gave her Kayamata and since the husband has been glued to her.

Since then, Twitter is awash with Kayamata.

Many men are condemning the use of Kayanmata and one of them making fun of the matter is the popular town cryer, Danny Green.

Some men caution others to be careful and exercise self control.

Popular actress Stephanie Tum has also reacted:

Another woman says true love is better.

Many Kayamata groups are on social media giving charms to women, but , without looking at the health risks of some of the practices like the use of the white stone.

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