Wed. Apr 17th, 2024
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AI in Newsrooms: What You Need To Know

AI has crept into the everyday vocabulary and newsrooms in Cameroon should not be left behind. These days, the production of content and story ideas, audience interaction, distribution, investigative reporting, and commercial growth are all impacted by generative artificial intelligence (AI).
However, what is the initial step? Newsrooms would have to craft precise objectives for AI that align with the organization’s overall goals of increasing audience participation, increasing efficiency, or upgrading the standard of news output.
Understanding the full production flow process—from idea generation to distribution and promotion—is equally crucial. It is critical to assess the applications of AI that are now in use and those where it may be advantageous. Based on the same ethical principles, AI ought to be a fundamental component of the journalism process. Every AI process needs human monitoring. To assure compliance with editorial norms and ethical standards, AI tools should not be left to run on their own. Instead, they should be continuously monitored.
Beware of dangers involved
Make sure these tools don’t reinforce prejudices or stereotypes since AI systems can acquire biases from the training data they use. Deepfakes and other false information can be produced using AI. To ensure the authenticity and veracity of their reporting, newsrooms must be prepared to recognize this kind of content.
Transparency with the audience about how AI contributes to news production is a key part of any ethical AI policy. Don’t pretend, be honest and transparent to say AI is used in creating the content. Regular reviews of AI implementation are essential. If your newsroom is small, consider having such reviews with other media organizations with similar challenges. Collaboration with other organizations and a risk management plan to mitigate misinformation risks are vital components of a well-rounded AI policy in a newsroom. As the field of AI is continuously evolving, newsrooms must stay informed about the latest developments and adapt their practices and policies accordingly.


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