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AFCON 2021: Comoros Returns Home With Sanctions

By Etienne Mainimo

The Confederation of African Football, CAF has sanctioned the Comoros National Football team for going against the rules of the game.

According to information, CAF says, “The Comoros team has been charged for demonstrating irresponsible behavior on several occasions, including serious violations of the Covid-19 protocols and forcing access to the locker room.”

For failing to comply with the COVID protocol required by CAF, Comoros have been fined $10,000,

For bad behavior. “The report of the match officials’ mentions insults made against CAF officials, and the disrespectful behavior of the goalkeeper coach, Jean-Daniel Padovani.”

The goalkeepers’ coach has also been suspended for his next three games with the national team.

For causing a two-minute delay in the kick-off after their player left the dressing room wearing a shirt with a number that was not his, two penalties were imposed: a $5,000 fine for not respecting jersey numbers and another $2,000 for the delay caused by the players.

The Comoros Football Federation today appealed the sanctions.

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Can Cameroon Host And Win? Check Out Seven Countries That Hosted And Won AFCON

By Mboh Mbenowoh

The January 9, 2022, Africa Cup of Nations slated for Cameroon is within sight now with all the 24 countries dreaming to take home to cup.

Cameroon, who are the hosts, will hope to use home advantage and support to garner their sixth in history and keep the pressure on ousting the record Champions, Egypt who are on seven.

Only seven countries have utilized their home advantage to win the competition in its 65-year history.

Whereas some have hosted and won the AFCON on multiple occasions, others have won it once for the time they were home.

The Egyptian national team who are the most successful nation in the history of the tournament, winning it seven times have won it on home soil thrice. 

The Pharaohs won it in 1959, 1986 and 2006 when they were hosts. Their first AFCON triumph at home came in 1959 when Egypt was united with Syria as the United Arab Republic.

In the 1986 AFCON, Egypt won it after beating Cameroon on penalty kicks in the final. Egypt hosted it again in 2006 for the third time and won their fifth championship.

They were unable to lift the trophy in 2019 when they hosted the tournament, as they suffered elimination at the hands of South Africa in the round of 16.

 Ethiopia, in 1962, won the third edition of the AFCON and also the first and only one in their history. It was still during the early years of the tournament, and only four teams took part. 

Egypt, Ethiopia, Tunisia, and Uganda all played in the competition, which Ethiopia won on their soil. The Walia Ibex beat Egypt in the final after two extra-time goals.

The Black Stars of Ghana have hosted the AFCON four times but have emerged winners on two occasions (1963 and 1978). 

They hosted and won the fourth edition of the Cup after beating Sudan 3-0 in 1963. Further, in 1978, it was staged in Ghana, and the hosts clinched the trophy, beating Uganda 2-0 in the final.

They did not win it when they co-hosted with Nigeria in 2000 and when they hosted in 2008. Meanwhile, Nigeria’s first AFCON triumph came when they hosted the tournament in 1980.

In the final, Nigeria defeated Algeria 3-0 to lift the prestigious trophy. However, when they co-hosted the tournament with Ghana in 2000, they lost to Cameroon in the final.

Like Nigeria, Algeria also won their first AFCON at home when they defeated the former in the final 1–0 in 1990.

That was the last time Algeria hosted it, but not the only time they won the competition. The Desert Warriors claimed their second Cup in 2019 and are currently the defending champions, going into the 2021 edition.

On the other hand, South Africa won their only AFCON trophy in 1996 when they were hosts.  That year marked the first time the competition was expanded to 16 teams.

Bafana Bafana defeated Tunisia 2-0 in the final. However, when they hosted in 2013, they were not victorious.

To cap, Tunisia also won their only AFCON when they hosted it in 2004. They had previously hosted the tournament twice in 1965 and 1994 but did not win on either occasions.

They finally won in 2004, which was the 24th edition, seeing off Morocco 2-1 in the final.

Fingers crossed about whether Cameroon will be the eighth nation to take the Cup, albeit, on home soil especially with the crowds cheering them on all the occasions they will step foot on the pitch.

Group A: Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Cape Verde

Group B: Senegal, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Malawi

Group C: Morocco, Ghana, Comoros, Gabon

Group D: Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Guinea-Bissau

Group E: Algeria, Sierra-Leone, Equatorial Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire

Group F: Tunisia, Mali, Mauritania, Gambia Morocco

Kombi Mouelle

AFCON 2021: Olembe Will Be Ready, Minister Answers CAF SG

Cameroon Sports Minister, Prof. Narcisse Kombi Mouelle, President the Local Organizing Committee, COCAN has said nothing will stop the country from hosting the curtain-raiser at the Olembe stadium.

The Olembe Stadium was the plan A for the opening and closing ceremonies of AFCON 2021 but CAF warned that if it is not ready by November 30, the curtain raiser would be moved to another venue.

The minister visited the Olembe Stadium this November 24,a day after a letter from CAF leaked revealing details of the work progress at the Olembe Stadium.

“Following instructions from the highest authority, the stadium would be complete, available and functioning properly for Group A games and same for the other group games”, COCAN president maintained.

Apart from Olembe, the Bangou stadium which CAF said was impracticable is undergoing upgrading, the minister said. The Sports boss maintained that Cameroon has a maintenance team. He added that contracts are signed to ensure maintenance for all the stadiums.

The recruitment of volunteers like was the case with CHAN is the responsibility of the local organizing committee, the minister said.

He promised that COCAN would ensure publicity materials are properly designed to suit the feel and look of TotalEnergies Afcon Cameroon 2021.

Spectators would have to show a Covid-19 pass to access the stadium. But first, they would register online for their tests whose results are valid 48 hours before the game. For those vaccinated, their tests would be valid for seven days.

Kombi Mouelle expressed the hope that Cameroon and CAF maintain cordial and harmonious relationship based on respect and mutual understanding for a smooth organization of AFCON 2021.

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TotalEnergiesAfconDraw: Gambia Will Be Prepared -Tom Saintfiet

Following the draw of the 33rd edition of the African Cup of Nations, AFCON, Tom Saintfiet, coach of the Scorpions of Gambia, making their debut in the continental competition is upbeat his team will be ready come January, among other reactions.

The Lions of Cameroon will sail through to the end

I have confidence because in 2017, nobody saw the Indomitable Lions among the favourites and we won. They took our advice and I am sure that these boys will do everything to see it through to the end.

Roger Mila

No Small Nation

I still think it is always good to have lesser opponent like the ones we are going to meet with but we have to prepare. People think that it will be easy for Cameroon but today there is no small team. No one feel spared. We will immediately launch the preparations. Regarding the organization of this draw, I am proud of my country.

Jcque Song’o

We are going to the final

Our group is very open and everyone have to play their qualification thoroughly and respect their opponents. A final for us will be the crowning achievement of all our efforts. I think, this year is for Senegal. We are going to the final and I know it will be hard. In my opinion, we shall show very beautiful things during AFCON.

El-Hadji Diouf

El-Hadji Diouf

Our objective is to get out of the group

In every competition, the objective is to get out of the group even if it looks difficult but I think it is up to us to be solid on the groud to get the results. Our group is a solid group but we are part of the good teams.

Patrice Neveu, Gabon Coach

We are on good process

Egypt and Nigeria are football powers house of the continent and no one can deny that. Guinea Bissau is not a nation to be neglected because they had to fight to qualify. We have a big a challenge to take up. There is still a lot of work ahead. We are on good footing and if we have good preparations, we can spring up surprises. I also have the conviction that the competition will be an opportunity to measure ourselves against the big teams of the continents.

Patrice Beaumelle, Coach of Cote D’ivoire

Tough group for Nigeria

I think we are in tough group but we have the time to prepare well. Our qualifiers are coming up in September and I think we will use that to prepare for the competition that comes up in January next year. We are going to concentrate on the preparations and we are going to be ready for the competition.
Gernot Rohr, Nigerian Coach

We are hoping to make a good tournament

Cameroon is a very good team and is the favourite to final but, we happy to play in that group. We know a little about Cameroon but it is a school for us. We know Cameroon is a better side and we respect them. Our greatest show is to fight for the games when they kick off next year. We are hoping to make a good tournament by passing the group stage.

Pedro Leitão Brito alias Bubista, Coach of Cape Verde

We are going to concentrate on the preparations

I think we are in tough group but we have the time to prepare well. Our qualifiers are coming up in September and I think we will use that to prepare for the competition that comes up in January next year. We are going to concentrate on the preparations and we are going to be ready for the competition. 

Tom Saintfiet, Gambia Coach

Tom Saintfiet-Gambian coach

We are competitive team

Cameroon is great football nation and almost the base of African football. As I a kid, I remember Cameroon from the 1982 World Cup and they breath football. It is good to know that we shall all be here in January to see what happens. It is good to play in Cameroon. I am not afraid of any country but has a lot of respect for them. If I had a wish list before the draw, this is near to my list. We are competitive and I think it will nice to play against them.

Charles Akonnor, Ghanaian Coach

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TotalEnergies Afcon Draw Spiced With Cultural Colour

By Etienne Mainimo

Cameroon on August 17 organized what many have described as one of the best Africa Cup of Nations, AFCON draw.

Gathered from West to East, North to the South, dignitaries from Africa and beyond witnessed a beautiful cultural display from, Cameroon, African in miniature.

Musical displays from some top stars in the country like Salatiel welcomed football icons and legends who stayed glued to the artistic display from the ten regions of Cameroon.

Cameroon will organised the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations from January 9 to February 6, 2022. This will be the the second time Cameroon will be hosting the competition after 1972.

Cameroon, on the Gulf of Guinea, is a Central African country of varied terrain and wildlife.

Host Cameroon, to play against Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Cape Verde

Host Country, Cameroon have been drawn in Group A of the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations, AFCON to take place from January 9 to February 6, 2022.

5th time African Champion, Cameroon will confront Burkina Faso in their opening game before locking horns with Ethiopia and Cape Verde.

Event though many say, Cameroon has been housed in a group which is not strong, some say Cameroon need to be careful because smaller football nations are becoming powerful.

TotalEnergies Cameroon 2021 will be staged in Cameroon from January 9 to February 6, 2021.

Meanwhile CAF, President, Patrice Motsepe said, the African Football body is working with partners to see that the price money of the Africa Cup of Nations is increased.

Patrice Motsepe made the declaration in Yaounde during the TotalEnergies 2021 Cameroon AFCON draws on August 17.

According to Motsepe, CAF is working towards eliminating the issues that are often seen in some federations in the continent.

Going by the President, the world has to know that Africa is a continent full of spectacle.

Afcon draw

Totalenergies AFCON, Cameroon 2021: Cameroonians Await Draw With Assorted Opinions

BY Etienne Mainimo

In less than 72 hours, different nations expected to take part in the TotalEnergies African Cup of Nations, AFCON Cameroon 2021 will know their opponents when the draws are conducted in Cameroon’s capital city, Yaounde.

Scheduled to take place on August 17, the 24 participating teams will be divided into six groups of four teams each. Ahead of the draws, tongues are waging at various joints across the city.

From drinking spots to some play-grounds in the neighbourhood, everyone is anxious to see which team will play against Cameroon in the upcoming AFCON.

“I am really very anxious to see which teams will be placed to play against Cameroon but I have the fear that Cameroon is going to have a very difficult group. All the teams to participate are not small team and foreseeing my country to be in a tough group,” James Bondi said.

To Edwin, “Cameroon is going to have a good opponents and I have the strong believe that we are going to go far in the competition. I will not be happy to see some of the big football names like Egypt and others in Cameroon’s group. Let us meet them in the second round.”

In a drinking spot, Stella says, “Let us wait and see what will happen on Tuesdays. We love to see our country in a good group but whatever comes out; we will accept it and deal with squarely. We are Cameroonians and noting is impossible.”

In the meantime, 24 qualified teams including host Cameroon will be allocated to four pots of six teams each, based on the latest FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking.

The top four teams will be allocated to Pot 1 along with the hosts, Cameroon and title holders Algeria. The remaining 18 teams will be allocated to the three remaining pots.

Host, Cameroon will be pre-assigned to position A1. The remaining five teams in pot 1 will automatically be drawn into position one of each group.

Fecafoot 1

FIFA-CAF hold Cameroon By The Balls, Other Facts About Fecafoot Extra-Ordinary General Assembly

FIFA and CAF indicated they would report Cameroon to the right quarters should government go ahead to stop Fecafoot meeting set for July 13.

A joint letter from the Secretaries General of the continental and World bodies changed things immediately.

Mamadi Mahamat the DO of Yaounde II who has sent out a suspension notice for Fecfafoot meeting indicating the forces of law and order were to take action, made a u-turn to authorize the meeting.

Sports Minister, Kombi Mouelle who expressed indignation at the meeting because it did not respect the laws of the country, the spirit and letter of CAS decision and the federation statutes also had to bow to FIFA and CAF order.

Sports minister however has indicated that while they have taken note of the FIFA-CAF letter, he wished that the said meeting and election process be conducted in legality, respect of public order, spirit of consensus and assembly.

The Court of Arbitration for Sports, CAS, declared the Seidou Mbombo Njoya executive elected in 2019 illegal in January 2021, but authorized FIFA to maintain them to carry out the elections at the federation.

It should be noted that the members of the 2009 executive are eligible to vote according to CAS decision.