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Welcome to Factfinder, a premier online news platform designed to provide you with essential facts that empower you to make well-informed decisions. Going beyond mere headlines, we delve into the intricate domains of health and the environment, showcasing our unwavering commitment to solutions journalism. At Factfinder, we firmly believe that knowledge is the ultimate source of power, particularly in areas that significantly influence our health and the environment we inhabit.

Our dedication to uncovering in-depth insights and actionable information sets Factfinder apart as a beacon of reliable journalism in the digital landscape. By focusing on critical issues related to health and the environment, we aim to equip our audience with the tools they need to navigate complex challenges and drive positive change. Through our passion for solutions journalism, we strive to inspire individuals to engage with pressing issues, fostering a community of informed and proactive decision-makers.

At Factfinder, we are driven by the belief that informed citizens are the driving force behind a healthier society and a sustainable planet. By providing a platform that empowers individuals with crucial facts and meaningful insights, we enable our readers to take charge of their well-being and contribute to a brighter future for all. Join us on this journey of discovery and empowerment, where knowledge is not just power—it is the catalyst for positive transformation.

Leocadia Bongben


niche for herself as a creative and visionary professional in the field. With a background as a reporter and photojournalist, she excels in her work and serves as a mentor to aspiring journalists. Her inspirational journey has motivated many in the field, making her a leading figure in journalism.

Mainimo Etienne Mengnjo


Fur Gilfort Fondzenyuy

Photographer/Web Master

Edith Wirdze Dzelamonyuy


Timothee Houbara Njine

Legal Adviser

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