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LaLiga Supports, Promotes Grassroot Football Around The World

LaLiga has  launched  ‘LaLiga Grassroots’, in its bid to further advance and improve its bespoke sports and training projects as well as the promotion of LaLiga’s know-how and  methodology.

The  initiative  is part of a series of international sports projects LaLiga has been running since 2015 across multiple markets, and its most salient new feature is this series of programmes which will take place in Spain.

These will mainly be held at the ESC Madrid Center, a state-of-the-art, world-beating sports complex400 capacity residence with 24 hour security, international school, equipped with an auditorium, library, lab, clinic and games pitches and training areas, court, gym, swimming pool.

Juan Florit, head of LaLiga Sports Projects and who will be in charge of the technical and sports side of LaLiga Grassroots. maintains that LaLiga Grassroots-specialized unit was conceived by the Sports Projects team and the International Business and Development team”.

“Our activities will mainly focus on the holistic development  of young players, international training programmes for professionals in the sector, and projects to promote and support LaLiga clubs when it comes to their academies and running international tournaments”, Juan Florit added.

The Initiative is a further step in LaLiga’s creation and execution of sports projects, an area through which it has enjoyed great success over the last six seasons.

This includes finding positions for nearly 750 Spanish coaches, as well as providing training for more than 20,000 coaches and 175,000 players in the more than 400 projects carried out across 38 countries.

Javier Hernandez, Head of Business and International development for the project explained :  “The work we’ve carried out over the years in training players and coaches internationally has taken things to the next level, not only for those who have worked with LaLiga, but also for the league itself and its clubs”.

“We’re convinced that now, with the creation of LaLiga Grassroots and the new programmes,  we’ll be running at the ESC Madrid Center, we’ll be able to create better opportunities for everyone.”

“Laliga Grassroots will take Laliga’s sports and academic methodology to a new level in order to further strive for sporting excellence in bringing through young players and training coaches both nationally and internationally”, the release signed on October 14 reads.

The progamme has two long term pragrammes for youths around the world to take place in Spain. These are very notatble.

LaLiga Talent and LaLiga Academy

This is open to male and female players under 12 -18, who will be given an all round training.

A web platform has been launched with detailed information on this new initiative, through which interested parties will also be able to access the pre-registration process for the sports programmes set to begin in the summer of 2022 at the ESC Madrid Center.







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