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Bujumbura Rugby 2022: “Daunting Opponents But Victory Must Prevail”,-Thomas Mpono

The Cameroon women’s Ruby Head Coach considers the Burundi Regional Rugby 7 qualification to be a daunting task, having to face giants D R Congo , Zambia and host Burundi. Confident of the caliber of players constituting the lionesses squad, Mpono believes safeguarding a ticket at the end of the Rugby showpiece is a sure fact for his side.

The technician aired out his mind, during a training session at the Omnisport annex 2 stadium, which consisted of laying emphasis on the attacking technics, defense and on ball passes.

” We had debuted the first phase of our external camp during the second week of February and ended on the 25th, 2022 of the same month. Our objective was aimed at building a strong and cohesive team.”

“The second phase of our internal camp started on February 25 and is expected to end on February 8th.It has permitted us to galvanize the girls and to pick out the most outstanding players among them”.He added

Winning their first outing against DR Congo, will be their first challenge to undertake in the tournament.

“We have duel much on the technical aspects of the game, which consists of learning how to play as a collective team and how to behave on the field of play. An exercise of great importance especially for some of the young players, having their first international engagements”.

” We have succeeded in selecting players from our local rugby Championship. And have encouraged them to double more efforts, to be determine and exercise much endurance when defending the national colours.” Thomas Mpono said

Earning a top spot for Rose Mekongo and mates at the end of the Bujumbura expedition, will equally set the pace for the Birmingham-Commwealth games and the 2022 South African Rugby World Cup.

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