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Golfers taking place in a three-day friendship tournament have been urged to keep in mind the Olympic values during the competition.

The message was echoed by the President of the Cameroon Olympic and Sport Committee, Col. Hamad Kalkaba Malboum on May 18 while officially opening the tournament in Yaounde. The tournament which is held in prelude to the Cameroon National Day is aimed at widening and fostering the development of economic cooperation between the two nations.

According to Col. Kalkaba Malboum, this initiative should be extended throughout Africa given that the continent is seeking unity.

“What Olympism is promoting is respect, excellence, friendship, and winning will be the most performance in the game. I think in this gathering, all those values are used and sport is a tool of diplomacy. Bringing people together will share the ideal of understanding, peacebuilding, and bridging cultures.

“This is the right moment to come together especially as Cameroon is celebrating its National Day…We are also seeking the unity of Africa and must start from neighbouring countries to strengthen and go beyond this. As you are playing, keep in mind the main values of the Olympic movement,” Kalkaba Malboum said.

On his part, Abayomi Gabriel Olosikani, the Nigerian High Commissioner to Cameroon appreciated the initiative stating that given that sports is a unifying factor, engaging in this type of initiative will greatly deepen the diplomatic relationship between Cameroon and Nigeria.

“This initiative is very much welcome and well appreciated. An initiative to bring golfers from Nigeria to have a tournament with golfers in Cameroon, especially at this time that we are celebrating Cameroon National Day. Sport is a unifying factor and to depend on any diplomatic relationship, sport is also an avenue to do that.”

“Engaging in this type of initiative will greatly deepen the diplomatic relationship between Cameroon and Nigeria. This initiative should be sustained with all other African countries because this is definitely going to enhance the unity of our continent,” the Nigerian Diplomat said.

Geared towards highlighting social, cultural, sporting, and fraternal ties that bind the two nations, the tournament is staged in a format similar to the “Ryder Cup” formula.

This competition is in line with its international cooperation program and aims to develop strong relations with this brotherly country through the practice of golf.

By Etienne Mainimo

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