Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Edimo Design To Supply Team Cameroon Outfit For International Competitions

The Cameroon National Olympic and Sports Committee, CNOSC, has signed a maiden partnership with Edimo Design, a kit supplier and an experienced young company in the textile industry.

The kit supplier, Edimo Design, and the Olympic Committee penned an agreement on February 8 in Yaounde.

The kit supplier is set to accompany the Cameroon Olympic team, ‘Team Cameroon’, to the African Games in Accra in March and the Olympic Games in Paris in July 2024. While trying to meet the deadline to supply the required equipment for the selected athletes for the African Games in Ghana, Edimo Design is equally adjusting the supplies for the Olympic Games in France.

The President of Edimo Design stated, “We are going to adapt to the needs of the committee, respecting the international Olympic regulations in supplying equipment, with a Cameroonian touch.”

Kalkaba Malboum, the president of the CNSOC, revealed, “It is the first time we have signed this type of agreement with a Cameroon enterprise that produces the outfits we need.”

Kalkaba said the Olympic family is elated that Edimo Design is associating its image with the endeavors of the movement. He maintained that the partnership is in line with the vision of CNOSC to work with enterprises that contribute to the national economy.

Edimo Design joins a list of CNOSC partners contributing to the better functioning of the Olympic movement.

Kalkaba stressed that the Olympic committee would uphold a relationship of honesty and good faith for the benefit of the Edimo Design group and Cameroon sports.

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