Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

False: Sarah Liengu Etonge Is Not Living In The Slums

Facebook post with an image of the Queen of the Mountain, Sarah Liegu Etonge in front of a makeshift house purporting that she lives in the slum is false.

Sarah Liegu Etongue, for winning the mountain race seven-time was given a house by the government and the Cameroon Athletes Federation in 2014 where she has been living to date.

The Facebook post reads, “Sarah Etonge living in slums in Buea despite winning numerous mountain race titles and being the best female athlete. She was neglected because she is a Southern Cameroonian….”

A Google reverse image shows that the image used is a Getty image taken on February 17, 2007, by Philippe Giraud / Contributeur. This contradicts the post of February 22, 2023, insinuating that Sarah Etonge lives in the slum.

The government and the Athletics Federation built and officially Sarah Etonge a house in  2014.

Here is the picture of Sarah Etonge’s house in Buea Southwest Cameroon.

False: the text is misinformation and an attempt to manipulate the population to think that Sarah is living in the slums and neglected because she is a Southern Cameroonian in the crisis-hit region. The picture accompanying the text is false.


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