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La Ligue D’Égalité: 600 Girls, Women Enlisted For Second Edition

About 600 girls and women have been enlisted for the second edition of the La Ligue d’Egalite program.

The second edition kicks off stronger this time around, with more than double the number of girls joining the league hoping to pursue their dreams of becoming young football stars.

Based in Yaoundé-Cameroon the program is open to girls under 13 and 15 years old, and organized by NGO Petrichor and LaLiga, with the collaboration of its Foundation and its women’s football department.

This project, launched by the NGO Petrichor and LaLiga, with the collaboration of the FUNDACIÓN LaLiga and the LaLiga women’s football department, has developed the first U13 and U15 league in the African country-Cameroon.

The Ligue D’Égalité started its program of activities with the implementation of different theoretical and practical training sessions led by a coach from the FUNDACIÓN LaLiga, who over the past week has developed a total of 4 workshops using the ‘Values to Win‘ methodologyThis type of training initiative was very positively received by the participants in the first edition.

More than 70% of the project coaches valued being taught a specific value training methodology that they could apply to their team.

This socio-sports program was created to give girls in the central region of Cameroon the opportunity to take part in a fully regulated football league, as well as to enjoy all the learning aspects of what sport entails.

For the new season, the number of participants has grown considerably compared to the first edition, from 180 girls and 40 coaches to more than 550 girls and 50 coaches registered for this second season of the project.

Furthermore, Anair Lomba, ex-professional player, and project manager of LaLiga’s women’s football department held a workshop last Friday with the La Ligue D’Égalité coaches, who enjoyed a fun and relaxed training session led by a footballer with extensive experience in the world of football.

In addition, Lomba was in charge of handing out the certificates for the training courses to the participants of the project.

The Spanish Ambassador to Cameroon, Ignacio Rafael García Lumbreras, who showed his full support to the project attended a presser with local institutions.

On Saturday 22nd, there was the handing of sports kits besides the inauguration of the regular competition.

A total of 162 matches will be played during the next six months.

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