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Afrobasket 2021: Semifinal Shocks Cameroon-Mali; Nigeria-Senegal


The semis promise to be more exciting with two high intensity games, the shock Cameroon -Mali and Nigeria-Cameroon.

Host Cameroon, Nigeria, Mali and Senegal have booked their spots at the semifinals at the end of the quarter finals encounter of the 2021 Afrobasket Women.

Cameroon in a nerve breaking quarter finals managed to lead Egypt 67 to 61 points.

Senegal thrashed Mozambique 74 to 46 points while Nigeria humbled Ivory Coast 72 to 56 points.

The last game of the evening saw Mali walk on a giant Angolan team who played  a lackluster game not associated to their identity as former champions 74 to 53 points.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian tigresses took an edge on the Ivorian side within the first three quarters of the highly animated encounter by 24-8, 19-13 and 16-14.

The experienced Ivorian side got awaken from their slumber in the last quarter of the game by imposing a short lived 13 by 21 domination.

In her failure to put up an impressive play, the elephants succeeded in realizing 12 baskets after 45 tentative trials.

Adding to the Nigerian domination was, tigresses Ezine Kalu’s title of best player with 17 points at the end of the game .

Eliminated, the Elephants of Ivory Coast are expected to face Mozambique in a classification encountered slated for September 24,2021.

By Brian Mbenowoh

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