Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

We Need To Better Position Players To Improve Performance (Alexandra Song)

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Former Cameroon International player Alexandre Song has stressed the importance of placing players in their proper positions to enhance their performance.

Speaking over the national broadcaster, CRTV, while watching the Cameroon vs. Guinea match in the ongoing 2023 TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations, AFCON, Song expressed his observations and recommendations.

“I’ve seen Enzo Tchato. I think he can play right-back. We’ve got Moumi Ngamaleu, who can dribble and cross. The left side was well organized. It was very complicated on the right. On the second day, we’ll have to give Enzo a chance on the right,” Alexandre Song stated.

He further emphasized the importance of providing players with opportunities to showcase their abilities. “So that he can show what he can do. How can you have players and not give them the chance to play? We need to learn from this match. We need to put each player in his place to improve his performance. When you put a player in a position that’s not his own, it’s not easy for him to perform well. We used to play more on the left,” Song added.

Cameroon is set to face Senegal in their second group game and must be prepared to confront the formidable Senegalese team, who are determined to succeed. This match, akin to a clash of wildcats, promises to ignite excitement and intensity. The team must rise to the occasion and unleash their full potential to avoid any sense of disillusionment.

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