Sun. Jun 30th, 2024

“Sexual violence against women in conflicts dates back to antiquity and continues to this day in various battle zones. “The day was special at the embassy and in Israel because of the women who are still being held hostage in Gaza,” she explained.

The hostages’ whereabouts, health, and whether or not they have been sexually abused remain unknown. Kalmar advocated for the liberation of all hostages.

Sanzy Viany, a Cameroonian musician who has been absent due to illness and has written a song about violence against women, attended the gathering and said sexual violence in conflict should be discussed openly.

“I felt a lot of concern for the women in the video; we learned that some of them have been kidnapped for more than 200 days. We don’t know what their situation is. As a woman and mother, my heart goes out to the hostages.

Viany expressed optimism that all of the kidnapped women would be released, stating that the guys who are holding them captive should remember that they were born from a woman’s womb after nine months.

“I felt hurt because I imagined what the Northwest and Southwest sisters were going through. She wished someone would be brave enough to make this kind of documentary in Israel, in the Northwest and Southwest regions where the Anglophone struggle has raged for over seven years.

“I have goosebumps—and a lot of compassion—for my brothers and sisters on this side of Cameroon. I told myself that one day someone will have the fortitude to speak up for these ladies involved in our country’s turmoil,” Viany added.

On Saturday, June 6th, Viany will return to the stage after a long illness, performing at V Music Club on Damas. Her return to the stage is a moment of movement and grace, as she will sing for the first time in Douala.

“I shall praise God for the breath of life after a long illness. I’ve had multiple surgeries that have resulted in numerous modifications. I nearly stopped listening. After a difficult experience, I realized that many patients do not survive surgery. So, after having surgery once, twice, or three times and getting out of there, I’d like to perform for those who love Sandy Viany, the artist said.

The meeting was an opportunity for a demonstration of self-defense for women to have basic knowledge of how to defend themselves if physically assaulted.

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